Daily favourites 25th Feb 2019 - Adventures in Surface Pattern Design

Daily favourite 25_2_19.JPG

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Hello and welcome to the first Daily Favourites post.

Each day on my Instagram stories I’ll be sharing what I’m listening to, watching, creating and reading. I’ll be sharing the full links to each item here on the blog so you too can check out anything that takes your fancy!

Let me know in the comments below if you find any of the pieces interesting. I’d love to chat with you about them!

Podcast - Texintel Talks episode 009 with Hayley Studios

Art Making - Floral journal for Make Art That Sells Bootcamp

Blog Post - Pinterest for Creatives

Admin - Sign up to Bonnie Christine’s Immersion pattern design course

Reading - Art Inc by Lisa Congdon

Learning - Daily painting challenge with Carolyn Gavin on CreativeBug